Dear Mommie is the newest column from the Palm Springs Tribune. Mommie is all about sharing – whether it’s about love, intimacy or just advice from her wildly diverse life experiences. Always be ready for the truth – “Mommie Style.”

Dear Mommie,

When I moved to Palm Springs a few years ago I couldn’t wait to host friends and family. I guess I didn’t realize how popular that spare bedroom would be and I need a break! How do I politely decline visitors without causing a rift?

Barb in Palm Springs

Dear Barb,

Mommie loves people but she also needs her time to look pretty! No easy way to say it – NO! You could set some boundaries – Lock your doors! Even set 1 or 2 weekends a month for guests to visit – when you are away! Be Selfish, Be Honest, Be You! Now go have a cocktail and enjoy your sanctuary!

Mommie Talk, Mommie Style

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