Palm Springs, CA

This week, the Palm Springs Police Department concluded Operation Clean Streets Part 2.

Operation Clean Streets was deployed to the area behind Walmart and Lowe’s in the business district of the 5600 block of E. Ramon Rd to address crime plaguing the area. The area has seen multiple thefts, assaults, attempt homicides and at least 1 homicide, and numerous crimes of disorder. The stores in the location are experiencing people loading shopping carts full of property and leaving the location without consequence.

The Palm Springs Police Department teamed up with numerous law enforcement resources in the county, as well as resources from the Riverside County Behavioral Health system, the Riverside County Mobile Mental Health Crisis Response team, CVAG, Jewish Family Services, and the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission to assist those in need.

The operation provided multiple unhoused individuals direct contact with service providers who assessed 9 individuals for substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and housing needs.

9 people were assessed for substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and housing needs.

In addition, 19 arrests were made for multiple violations and crimes that included felony and misdemeanor warrants, stolen property, drug sales, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted robbery, brandishing a firearm, and trespassing.

1 citation was issued for possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage.

9 truckloads of trash were cleaned up and removed from the area.

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