Dear Mommie is the newest column from the Palm Springs Tribune. Mommie is all about sharing – whether it’s about love, intimacy or just advice from her wildly diverse life experiences. Always be ready for the truth – “Mommie Style.”

Dear Mommie,

It’s summertime in the desert and many of my friends are gone! Is it the heat or me? What can I do to pass the time during the day indoors?

Mikey in Cathedral City

Oh Mikey! Mikey!

If you’re having to ask that question then of course they left because of you. Oh did Mommie just say that??? All kidding aside Mikey – Mommie also has friends that just don’t have the endurance or stamina to last when the “Heat” gets a little intense. A little “Heat” never stops Mommie from finding ways to “Please” herself whether it’s the Frigid Winter or the Sizzling Hot Summer! So Mikey, use Mommie as your exampe and start “Pleasing” yourself and your friends will be back in no time.

Mommie Talk, Mommie Style

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