Palm Springs, CA

Happy days are here again in the Coachella Valley through New Years Eve with warmer temperatures reaching an 80 degree high on Christmas Day.

The 10 Day Forecast predicts:

Thursday December 22nd – High 72 degrees, Low 51 degrees

Wednesday December 23rd – High 75 degrees, Low 51 degrees

Thursday, December 24th – High 79 degrees, Low 55 degrees

Friday, December 25th – High 80 degrees, Low 56 degrees

Saturday December 26th – High 79 degrees, Low 58 degrees

Sunday December 27th – High 77 degrees, Low 57 degrees

Monday December 28th – High 71 degrees, Low 54 degrees

Tuesday December 29th – High 70 degrees, Low 54 degrees

Wednesday December 30th – High 72degrees, Low 52 degrees

Thursday December 31st – High 71 degrees, Low 49 degrees

After New Years Eve, daytime high temperatures will begin to drop again into the upper 60’s then into the lower 60’s to start off 2023.

Coachella Valley residents are urged to enjoy the warm weather while you can.

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