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You may be reluctant to try a Vegan restaurant because you happen to think it sounds unappetizing or you just love meat and see no reason to change . But in that rare occurrence that you begrudgingly decide to indulge your vegan friend or family member who refuses to sit through yet another meal with only one or two measly vegan options, Chef Tanya’s located in both Palm Springs and Palm Desert may just be the right place for you.

It’s no secret that America is changing and becoming more open to veganism due to a number of reasons including legitimate health benefits, environmental factors of meat that affect climate change, and lets not forget about the sentimental among us who have a soft spot for animals. Pigs for example, have been found out to be more intelligent than both dogs and 3 year old children. They are also surprisingly gentile and playful.

Vegans unlike vegetarians do not eat dairy products either such as cheese although, there are some delicious vegan cheese options out there.

Documentaries like “Folks over Knives” and the “The Game Changers” do a thorough job in explaining why incorporating a Vegan diet can help individuals lose weight by reducing inflammation caused by meat. It can also help reduce heart disease, the world’s #1 killer. In addition, eating a vegan diet has proven that an individual can build significant strength and that you don’t need animal protein to do it. Take, Patrik Baboumian for example, a Vegan who broke the world record by carrying a record-breaking 1212.54 pounds over 32.8 feet.

Back to Chef Tanya’s

Chef Tanya’s has a variety of protein packed vegan dishes that will leave you satisfied and happy. Take my favorite, their Guadalajara Tempeh Burger, which has Anaheim chile, caramelized onions, guacamole, melted cheese, beautiful lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayo.

Tempeh, which Chef Tanya’s Kitchen sells and makes homemade, is an excellent source of protein and a tasty meat replacement. It has very little sodium and is perfect for grilling in a pan with olive oil, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and peppers, and putting on a sandwich with vegan cheese, or enjoying on a skewer.

The Chef Tanya’s El Cubano sandwich is made of homemade seitan, another meat replacement. Try it slow-roasted with warm citrus and garlic, mayo, mustard, cabbage, tomato, pickle, onion on a toasted torpedo roll.

If comfort food is more your thing, Chef Tanya’s makes its own vegan mac n’ cheesy.

Other items include a Pastrami Mami, Gordo Chili Cheese, TuNo Salad, OhMyGatoTaco salad, and other vegan delights. Their full menu can be found here.

Eat plants, save lives, get fit.

Chef Tanya’s Kitchen is located at 706 S. Eugene Rd. Palm Springs, CA 92264 and 72695 CA-111 Suite A6 Palm Desert, CA 92260. Click here, for more information.

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By Eric Gray