Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs Police Chief Andy Mills in a new video addresses the police department’s ongoing program, “Operation Clean Streets,” and gives an update on homelessness in the City of Palm Springs.

See the full video here:

Operation Clean Streets is a new program launched by the Palm Springs Police Department in May of 2022 to both help reduce crime and direct the unhoused to non profit service providers to assist on getting people back on their feet. The program was started as a direct result of community meetings where many pointed to quality of life issues.

In the video Chief Mills gives statistics including arresting 71 people committing crimes and referring 24 people to social services where they are currently getting help.

While Chief Mills expresses compassion for those struggling, he clearly states, “we cannot and we will not accept unlawful behaviors of the few to ruin it for the many because our quality of life in Palm Springs is very important.”

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