Dear Readers,

We are proud to announce our 1st Annual Readers Choice Foodie Awards rounding up 2022 to honor the many restaurants in the Coachella Valley.

Nominations have begun on our Facebook page tonight and will go through Christmas Day.
*If you do not have Facebook, please send us an email with your nominations to:*

You, as a reader, will get to nominate and choose your favorite restaurants in the categories of:

Best American

Best Steakhouse

Best Italian

Best Thai

Best Mexican

Best French

Best Tiki

Best Japanese

Best Mediterranean

Best Indian

Best Breakfast

Best Deli

Best Chinese

Best Vegan

Most Scenic Restaurant

Overall Best of the Desert

On December 26th, we will have voting available on our website.

The winners will receive not only an award from the Palm Springs Tribune but a published story dedicated to their restaurant. Let the nominations begin!

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