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Founders and co-owners Karla Marolf and Susie Kimball are proud to announce new options to celebrate life’s milestones. Their original countdown was designed to support friends and family going through cancer and chemo treatments, offering surprise gifts given before each treatment. Recently, Project Ribbon added the option to give a countdown gift for any of life’s accomplishments or big events, such as weddings or due dates.

With this new customization option, people can now celebrate as well as show support. This year, the Orange County based company will offer the Project Ribbon Countdown for major celebrations, as well as a way to support loved ones diagnosed with cancer. When family or friends learn about a diagnosis, they often don’t know what they can do to help or how to be supportive. There are almost a billion search results for the question, “what to do when someone is diagnosed with cancer.” People want to show up for their loved ones, but it’s hard to know how or what will really help.

Enter the Project Ribbon Countdown, an interactive gift that makes it easy for multiple family members and friends to get involved and rally support during what can be an isolating experience. Here’s how it works: An organizer assigns a family member or friend to each treatment. If there are 10 treatments, the organizer would assign 10 participants to each choose a gift. Before each treatment, the recipient will open a bag to find out who their gift is from, which will be presented personally by that person or sent and presented by the organizer. Project Ribbon also offers a “Little Warriors” countdown for children undergoing chemotherapy
and radiation treatment.

“You don’t look forward to chemo, but I did look forward to opening those little bags of love…it made such a difference in my mindset…it made me feel that not only was I fighting for myself, but I was fighting for family and friends, too,” says Lisa, a Project Ribbon recipient and one of the many recipients who inspired the creation of these countdowns. Project Ribbon has helped
countless cancer patients like Lisa find something to look forward to and feel less alone.

(Founders Karla Marolf and Susie Kimball)

About Project Ribbon: Karla Marolf and Susie Kimball founded Project Ribbon in 2020 after they created the original countdown for their friend Lisa who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The co-founders work from their homes staining, sanding and assembling the raw wood and decorative metal creations, each crafted 100% by hand. People can choose from a variety of stain options for the wooden frame and can customize their gift with inspirational sayings.

For more information, visit, or @projectribboncountdown on Instagram and @ProjectRibbon on Facebook.

For further information: Megan Carole,

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